FOR PRINTERS & MAKERS: Get durable, high quality, custom steel-rule dies from Reliable Die Company in Kenosha, WI.



Reliable Die Company provides custom steel-rule dies for the print industry. Our products are machine routed, handcrafted, or machine bent.

A Perfected Process

Our +50 years of experience allowed us to perfect the die making processes. We use modern tech and machines and have craftsmen who go beyond machine abilities.

High-quality Products

 Our steel-rule dies are specialized for paper and cardboard cut-outs, POP displays, gaskets, leather, felt, boxes, cartons, puzzles, sealing dies, tags, labels, Blanking dies etc.

Reliable Customer Service

Get expert advice whenever you need it. Our team can assist you in the early stages in providing a design plan that fits both your press and your customers’ needs.

Accurately Measured Dies

Intricate & Complex Designs

Modern Equipment & Technology

Our ordering process is simple.

Check out the recommended information to have on hand when you’re ready to order. Questions? Shoot us an email or call us (262) 632-6946.

✔️ File Types & File Submission

Acceptable file formats for die lines: DXF, DWG, AI, EPS, and PDF

✔️ Production Time

Figure out when you will need your die to complete your project on time. Die production can vary depending on the complexity of the die, size of the die, and substrate. Contact us in your planning stage, and we can assist you with developing a timeline. 

✔️ Intended Equipment & Substrate

The machine and substrate you are using can influence the way we craft your die. We can create dies to handle a wide range of substrates, even ones that are difficult to handle. Please inform us of any challenges you face with your intended equipment or substrate so we may help develop a solution.

✔️ Layout & Tolerances

Does your die require any critical margins or tolerances? How do you need your die laid out?

✔️ Special Features, Blanks & Stripping

Will your die require any special features like window cut outs, embossing, punch outs etc.? Will you need any stripping or blanking dies?

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