Our Die-Making Process 

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Unique Techniques

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70 years Of Experience

Our Story

With 70+ years under our belt, Reliable Die Co. has been producing highly-quality custom dies for printers and makers.

History of Excellence

Our roots started in 1948, back when dies were meticulously processed by hand. And although we upgraded to modern machinery and techniques, our company continues to be fueled through the experince and commitment to hard work of our craftsmen.

Our expert hand-bending, carving, and drilling skills, combined with advanced equipment, allows us to produce dies outside of the standard machine specifications. We source the most durable materials, and have knowledge of materials other companies may never even heard of. Simply put, if we can’t produce the die, it cannot be done period. Count on Reliable Die Co. to receive the best die, for the right price, every time.

Quality Products

All our dies are crafted by our experts, never temps, and are double-checked every step of the way.

CNC Routed, Not Laser Burned

Our dies are cut via a CNC routing machine, and we were among the first in the industry to pioneer the method. Routing is just as precise, with the added benefit of not burning the wood too wide giving the rule a tighter fit, and yielding a more durable die.

No Substrate Too Challenging

Our customer came to us with an unique challenge requiring an expertise only found at Reliable Die Co.. They needed a die to cut a thick honey comb web, and needed the die to not crush the stock in the process. Reliable got to work and developed a solution to their problem. We acquired a specialty rule that was taller than standard, with a specific edge that wouldn’t crush the honeycomb. We then engineered a spring system to lift the die instead of using traditional rubber. With our custom die process, our customer was able to offer a solution that competitors could not beat.

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